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Slow Brewed Iced Cold Cha

Slow Brewed Iced Cold Cha

Slow Brewed Iced Matcha Tea

  • Scoop two almond shaped tea scoops into a glass pitcher.
  • Fill with ice.
  • Let rest for several hours.
  • Pour over ice into a chilled glass and enjoy.

TIPS and Know-How

Temperature matters. Heat brings out the bitter flavors in matcha. Ice will bring out the sweetness and the rich creamy mouth feel unique to matcha.

Use best quality water and iced-cubes available.

Martini shakers are perfect for a “quick-brew.”  Add two scoops of tea to the shaker, fill with ice and add about 1/2 cup filtered water. Shake and pour over fresh ice.

Adjust proportions to taste. Prepare and drink iced- matcha tea on the same day.

Matcha tea does not technically “dissolve” but rather “suspends” in liquid. After a while, the tea will float to the bottom and your brew will separate with a dark green pond at the bottom of your pitcher. The brew is still good. Just stir and pour over ice.

Slow brewed iced-cha will taste rich and creamy. Add sugar, agave nectar or honey for sweeteners. Try ginger or lime for a tart finish.

Brew a fresh pitcher everyday all summer long. Keep some in your favorite thermos and enjoy iced-matcha on a bike ride, at a picnic or on a trip.

This article was published on Wednesday 08 September, 2010.
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