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A Warning For PayPal Users |
Petition to Shut Down PayPal |

If you have a PayPal account, your account can be closed and your money stolen from you by PayPal without any warning or known reason. PayPal recently closed both Bouncing Bear partners' accounts, one partner's girlfriend's account, two companies Bouncing Bear has worked with and one supplier of Bouncing Bear's without any warning, seizing (stealing) more than $8,000.00 between the accounts. Anyone that was paid through or made a payment through any of the accounts--no matter what they were paying for--were at risk of having their account shut down and their money stolen.

No warning was given for the permanent closings of the accounts. Evidently it was because one of the companies Bouncing Bear has worked with sold Salvia on eBay and then they just went down the line closing any account that had had activity with that company. We were supposed to fax them very personal information that most people would not want to give out, supposedly to verify that who we were even though it turns out our identity was never in doubt. After that time, they decided to permanently close our account. No official reason was ever given. Their official response was that we violated their user agreement. What part of the user agreement? The part that says: PayPal reserves the right to close any account for any reason and anytime.

We can only assume that they don't approve of our completely legal web site. But they also closed down our supplier's account with $2,000.00 in it. That suppliers main business is selling avocados and Saguaro cactus. Maybe they have something against plants in general. No one really knows. And they won't say.

It was only after repeated phone calls to very rude and uninformed "customer service" reps that we were given the privilege of asking for our money back after 180 days, at which time they would review our case and decide if they would return our money to us. Note they didn't say they would return our money then, only that they would decide on returning our money then. In the meantime we are supposed to continue filling the orders that had been paid for through PayPal even though PayPal had the payments for those orders.

Even if you don't have a business, you can still be at risk. People just selling or buying knick knacks on eBay have been shut down without warning or reason; their money stolen. Three states are currently in court against PayPal. States, not people. Many more people have filed lawsuits against PayPal, but they make it impossible to sue them with their lengthy user agreement and team of lawyers. Louisiana is trying to get all PayPal activity banned from the state to protect it's citizens.

Please visit the web sites above for more information. If you have been a victim of PayPal, you can visit to get help taking them to court.