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Monthly Specials

monthly specials


Each month Bouncing Bear Botanicals will offer many of our popular products at substantial savings of up to 50% off published prices! Please be sure to stop by again and again to see what we've added. Enjoy your shopping!

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 Chia Seed Sale -- SALE! 1 lb 
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Chia Seed Sale -- SALE! 1 lb Salvia hispanica  $14.00 
Out of Stock
 Damiana SALE! 1 Kilo - (2.2 lbs) 
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Damiana SALE! 1 Kilo - (2.2 lbs) Turnera diffusa  $40.00 
 Dream Herb SALE! 1 kilo Foliage 
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Dream Herb SALE! 1 kilo Foliage Calea zacatechichi  $120.00 
 Rosemary Marsh Tea - SALE! 114 Grams 
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Rosemary Marsh Tea - SALE! 114 Grams Ledum palustre  $35.00 
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Sinicuichi Heimia salicifolia   
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