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Machona brava - -Kilo Foliage

Machona brava - -Kilo Foliage

Zornia Latifolia-- Kilo Foliage. Machona brava
Kilo Foliage

Maconha Brava is a very rare and uncommon herb.

The name Maconha Brava means "False Marijuana". 

Indigenous peoples of Brazil will smoke Moaconha Brava and use it as an hallucinogen and a substitute for cannabis (Plants of the Gods, Schultes and Hofmann, 1992). This herb is also found in the incense blend called Spice. It is similiar to baybean in that it is an uncommon psychoactive herb.

Our Machona Brava is freshly harvested from Brazil.

Common names and synonyms:

Family: Fabaceae, Faboideae.
Genus: Zornia. Species: Z. latifolia
Latin Name: Zornia latifolia Sm.
Synonyms: Zornia diphylla, Zornia gracillis.
Common names : Koemataballi (Suriname), Zornia, Tencilla, Maconha
brava (Brasil), Barba de burro (El Salvador), Koemataballi (Suriname), tencilla, zornia.

Zornia latifolia is part of the Fabaceae (alt. Leguminosae) subfamily and is a perennial herb.

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