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Xhosa Dream Herb -- 1 Kilo Root Pieces

Xhosa Dream Herb -- 1 Kilo Root Pieces

Silene Capensis. Xhosa Dream Herb
1 Kilo Root Pieces

Silene capensis is a tender perennial native to Eastern Cape South Africa where the Xhosa regard it as a sacred plant with the ability to induce remarkably vivid and prophetic lucid dreams. Silene capensis is regarded by many as a more powerful inducer of lucid dreams than even Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi) or African Dream Herb Seeds, Entada rheedi.

It is suspected that Silene capensis' dream-inducing activity is likely due to triterpenoid saponins contained within the root.

We offer chopped whole root pieces of Silene capensis

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