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Indian Acalypha -- 1 Kilo leaf and buds

Indian Acalypha -- 1 Kilo leaf and buds

Waltheria americana -- Indian Acalypha
1 Kilo leaf and bud

Waltheria Americana (Sleepy morning) is a tropical shrub; the whole plant (roots, leaves, buds and flowers) is often used against chronic asthma. This plant also has anti inflammatory and antifungal properties.*

Other uses include: cortex (root bark); chewed as a very effective natural medicine for sore throat.
Internally for arthritis, neuralgia, common cold, cough, bronchial phlegm or mucous, diarrhea, eye baths, fatigue; used as a bitter tonic.*


Possible Benefits:*
Waltheria is used in Brazil against bronchitis and for cleaning difficult healing wounds
Used in the Caribbean for bladder infections
One of the best plant medicines for sore throats
Used for bronchial or bacterial infections.
A decoction is used for washing badly healing wounds

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