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Government Tyranny

We created a back-to-school newsletter and it got us thinking: Let that government-owned teacher know you still think for yourself by writing your report on the history of the government suppressing freedom and knowledge through its wars on plants, through propaganda, fear-mongering, harassment, imprisonment and violence.

I doubt your teacher knows that simple possession of Kratom in Thailand can be punishable by death. Or that, in some states in the U.S.A., possession of Salvia can get you sent to prison for life. Or that across the entire country, alternative-medicine practitioners, herbalists or even organic farmers can be SWAT-style raided without warning, have their inventory, businesses and lives destroyed by the FDA or any number of other government agencies all in the name of… well, we’re not really sure why. They say it’s for our protection, but they might want to focus on the products they DO approve of, since more people are killed every year by FDA-approved drugs than all non-approved and illegal drugs combined. Maybe, if they spent less time, money and resources investigating herbalists, they could do what they were actually meant to be doing and stop salmonella-filled eggs from getting to the market a little sooner. Or maybe they should just do like NASCAR and require the FDA management to wear patches of their pharmaceutical company “sponsors” so we can know who they’re really working for. Read this article about the tyranny of the terrorist organization commonly known as the FDA. Or maybe you’re interested in a bit lighter topic....

TThere is a bit of good news regarding Canavalia (Bay Bean), Blue Lotus and Damiana. They’re not illegal ANYWHERE… Though that didn’t stop the local and federal thugs "authorities" from stealing our entire stock of hundreds of kilos when they raided us back in February with just justification “We have our reasons.” Whatever the hell that means. Wait… What? Russia made Blue Lotus illegal last year? Well at least their government actually makes something illegal before stealing it from people. Does that mean RUSSIA’s government is less totalitarian than the U.S.? It’s scary to even think that’s possible.

This article was published on Friday 27 August, 2010.
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