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Amanita Muscaria ( 1 )
Alice in Wonderland and the Magic Mushrooms. -

Amanita muscaria, co...more

Ayahuasca - The Spirit Vine ( 2 )
Ayahuasca - the Spirit Vine -

Ayahuasca is a medicinal tea prepared...more

Banisteriopsis Caapi - Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as Ayah...more

Blue Lotus ( 1 )
The Sky Blue Aromatic Blue Lotus Flower -

The ...more

Damiana ( 1 )
Damiana - ...more

Government Tyrrany ( 1 )
Government Tyranny -

We created a back-to-school newslette...more

Japanese Green Tea ( 7 )
Green Tea Smoothies! - ...more
Japanese Green Tea Step By Step Instructions - ...more
Japanese Iced Tea Preparation -


Making Matcha - ...more
Matcha Ginger Tea - ...more
Slow Brewed Iced Cold Cha - ...more

Kratom ( 2 )
All About Kratom -

Mitragyna speciosa --...more

Caring For Your Kratom Plant - ...more

Mandrake ( 1 )
The Elusive and Mysterious Mandrake Root - Ahh… The elusive and mysterious Mandra...more

Milkweed ( 1 )
Growing Milkweed - The seed we send to you can grow almost ...more

Miscellaneous Articles ( 0 )

Yerba Mate ( 2 )
All About Yerba Mate -

People who drink ...more

What is a Yerba Mate Gourd? - The name "Mate" derives from the quechau...more

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